Monday, 7 November 2011

Tamara Ecclestone: A Billi!, A Billi! Lifestyle...

Seems like heiress Tamara Ecclestone has come in for a bit of flack over her new tv series "Billion $$ Girl". The new Channel 5 reality doc u-soap follows the exploits of the model, tv presenter and entrepreneurial daughter of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

After the airing of the first episode on (fri 4th nov), a few small minded PC brigade critics have damned the show for "rubbing salt" in the wounds of those who are less well off, especially in times of austerity.

While the timing may come into criticism for being ill-judged, my argument in defence of the show is; When is really a good time? After all, what percentage of the UK population are set to inherit a share of a billion in assets. As far as I'm aware her company Pooch Productions co-produced the show with Two Four productions for Channel 5 show, she can't be blamed for being born into wealth, amassed by hard working parents. Whilst others may rage in jealousy and dismay over her lifestyle of private jets, over the top dog pampering, flamboyant parties and extreme shopping sprees. We also see her charitable contribution to organisations such The Great Ormond Street Hospital and emotional challenges she faces.

She is helping the UK economy and doing her bit, my only gripe would be alot of her money is being spent to prop up businesses already raking it in, such as Harrods. However we also see her showing the acumen to reject the product pitched to QVC as she attempts to launch her shampoo brand (i personally would have hired Evan Davis as my brand consultant).

Seeing her on various tv shows, she comes across reserved, humbled and very intelligent. However the bottom line is, the rich will spend with the rich because they can, and its a lifestyle and mentality we will never understand until we have that wealth. I take the positives from shows like this and use them as inspiration to strive and ensure my future bloodline don't have to suffer or go without and so should you.

"Billion $$ Girl" airs on Channel 5 every Friday at 10.30pm.

Lookout for Tamara's "Feel Good 3" right here!