Thursday, 27 May 2010

Golf Woes!!!

Playing golf is so difficult man...just when u think you have cracked it, something else goes Wentworth and seeing the pro's swing was amazing.

TIP: to all amateur golfers, swinging fast does not make the ball go further, your rhythm is everything!! NOT SPEED!

well done to simon khan for this win man...

GO Rufus!!! UK Comedy stand UP!!!

big up rufus show on its black comedy scene is on the rise...nxt kojo...gonna be a good year baby!

from battle rap to cover pop...Pro Green new single...!!!

Currently being slaughtered by media critics...i remember Pro green destroying rappers at jump off...i actually like this cover, the original was produced by fatboy Slim (heavee fact)

Nas and Damian Marley Live...

Kid n Play...woo hoo!!! - who remembers?

oh the memories..."Swwwittch!!" lol...