Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Beyonce Album - I Am...Sasha Fierce

I was one of a lucky few to listen to the new album by Beyonce, Matthe
Knowles her dad and manager hosted the session, now for those that have not met him have to understand he has a unique way of selling...but I really respected the way he broke down the concept of the new album title and why?

I AM refers to Beyonce's personal side, the lady we dont get to see apart from those close to her and Jay Z..LOL...err hmmm...SASHA FIERCE refers to the lady on stage, the booty shaking sugar break it down in lamen terms, one side is POP the other Urban.

Yup thats right you best of both world over two discs, one is full of mid-tempo power ballads written by the best of the best Amanda Ghost, Toby Gad and Stargate...Disc 2 is full of urban bumpas...

Not to be bias, the songs are of high quality and marks a momentus and defining point in the career of Beyonce...he also pointed out that they currently have 2 singles that sound totally different No.1 and 2 in the airplay charts of America making history...